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Issues with Social Media in the Classroom Session Notes

Issues with Social Media in the Classroom
Notetaker: Laura Micciche

Present: Molly Brayman, Pam Bach, Debbie Tenofsky, Scott Taylor, Olga Hart, Martha Sledge, Laura Micciche, Winnie Kaur, Mary Sefcik


  • Are people using different kinds of social media platforms in classrooms? Best practices? How to use instagram, twitter, etc.? What are your experiences? What are the possibilities? What concerns do we have?
  • Do we want social media that’s already integrated in their lives? Or do we want something separate?
  • How can we use what students are already engaged in to enhance classroom learning?
  • How does information move between communities? How can we use it in class to good effect?

For more, see the pdf.