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Digital History-Tools and Techniques Session Notes

Click here for the full session notes/discussion from the Digital History-Tools and Techniques Session.

Most of the resources discussed in this session are available in Byron’s Google Drive folder.  Notes from this session build on and discuss tools from the list he’s created in the GD.

Important Caveats/Advice for Using Digital Tools

  • Be sure to reference and try out the tools from the Google Drive.
  • Don’t let digital tools overwhelm you. Instead of focusing on a tool’s content, think instead about the context in which you’re using it and why it’s the appropriate approach to take.
  • Within the DH, there’s no need for isolation anymore and although we often feel we don’t have time to build different tools on our own, they are out there already and we can gain a lot by working collaboratively with people across disciplines and backgrounds.
  • You don’t have to be creator of content, you can be a curator.
  • Consider the 3Cs: Content, context, community.

Games in the Classroom Session Notes

Click here for the full summary/notes from the gaming session (including definitions and examples of games in the classroom; possibilities and types of games; learning outcomes possible with games; and participant thoughts/points made during discussion).

Gaming Pedagogy Scholarship/Resources discussed:


Explore the eLearning Backpack Project – Call for Cohort 2

The eLearning Backpack Project is an initiative to provide faculty with backpacks loaded with tools that will allow them to fully leverage the new services available in Canopy. It is an opportunity for faculty to reimagine how they create/deliver course content and engage with their students.

Discuss the cohort 1 and look ahead to the now forming cohort 2.

Additional information –